List of Amulets Edit

  1. Cheetah Amulet - Greatly increases your movement speed when used. (about the same speed as sprinting)
  2. Charged Amulet - Recovers part of your mana when used.
  3. Healing Amulet - Heals you when used.
  4. Amazon Amulet - Doubles staff fire rate when used.
  5. Amulet of Erudite - Boosts experience gained by knowledge gems for a short while when used.
  6. Golden Amulet - Doubles alchemy attack rate for a short while when used.
  7. Poison Amulet - Creates a cloud of smoke that poisons enemies when used.
  8. Sage Amulet - Doubles the attack rate of spells for some time when used.
  9. Electric Amulet - Stuns all enemies (except bosses)

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