Archangel's Embrace

"Shoots short range projectiles with weird trajectories that can pierce through enemies. Small chance to freeze on hit"

Shoots four vertical-aligned shots that go to about mid-range, turn left or right, and then boomerang back to the character. Essentially makes a wedge shape. The projectiles will pierce through enemies, making it a good short range crowd control weapon. Medium mana cost, fast fire rate, medium damage, fast projeciles.

The secondary fire launches more shots at a slower fire rate, very inaccurate but better if you need to get up close and personal. High mana cost, slow fire rate, medium damage, fast projectiles.


  • Due to its strange shots, this is not a very practical weapon. Many of the shots are wasted because they are vertically aligned, some going overhead the enemies. The secondary fire rate is very inaccurate, so most of your shots probably won't hit. Furthermore, the shots need to travel a certain distance before coming back to you, and they need a VERY wide area to do so. If they hit a wall or obstacle, they will disappear, wasting its boomerang effect. Not that you should be waiting around for enemies to get hit by the boomerang effect.
  • If you aim towards the enemies' feet, you're likely to hit with all projectiles, greatly increasing damage. The boomerang effect is quite useless, but the piercing effect more than makes up for it.
  • The secondary fire deals great amounts of damage, provided you are very near to the enemy.

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