Overview Edit

Bastian appears to be a larger, scarier version of a Demon. He has similar attacks to a Demon but with more damage, along with other attacks as well.

Room Identification Edit

The fight takes place in a open room with a slightly raised center and small walls towards the corners.

Attack Pattern Edit

He has two primary attacks he can use.

  1. Rapid fire spread shot with poor long range accuracy (the same as a Demon)
  2. Launches 3 slow moving tracking projectiles towards the player (strong attack)

He also possesses the ability to summon up to four Cockatrice to attack the player.

Strategy Edit

Keep your distance and use the corner cover to protect from his light attack. When he uses his second attack you can either shoot down the projectiles or sprint around the perimeter. When he summons his minions clear them quickly so you are not forced out into the open.