Bone Ranger

Appearance and Behavior Edit

The Bone Ranger appears as a skeleton holding only a saber in its right hand. Their movement behavior is not as smart as most other enemies, since they only move when you are out of sight, but still try to attack you when there are smaller obstacles in their way which block their shots. (Editor note: might be a bug, or just meant to be since they have no brains?)

They can be spawned by the Bone Summoner.

Attacks Edit

Bone Rangers throw their swords directly at you from their position. It doesn't matter to them if you're right in front of them or on the other side of a gigantic room, they'll still try to hit you from their current position and will not move until you are out of sight.

The swords themselves move very slowly while rotating in the air, making it easy to dodge them, but the Bone Ranger seems to have an infinite supply of them and throws them quickly, allowing multiple swords to be in the air before the first one even reaches you.

Hints Edit

Avoid being surrounded by them, you will not be able to keep up with all those swords flying around you.

They have low health and are easy to dodge if all the attacks come from one part of the room, so kill them last.

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