Bone Summoner

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

Large skeletal humanoid. It will attempt to run away from the player into a corner while summoning skeleton minions. If you get too close it will also attack you with a flying skull attack.

Attacks Edit

The Bone Summoner has one attack and one ability. To attack it launches a fast moving skull projectile which has strong tracking. Its ability allows it to summon waves of Bone Rangers and Bone Sentries which will not drop experience gems but can provide mana and health drops.

Hints Edit

If the Bone Summoner is isolated it is best to rush the target and use your more most powerful weapon to rush them down. If this is not possible keep your distance and take advantage of freeze or poison effects to whittle down the health of the target while keeping out of danger. Should be made a priority target in rooms with no other spawning minions (excluding Obelisk rooms).