Enter one of the following cheat codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enabling a code will prevent your score from being recorded to the leaderboard and prevent bonuses from being unlocked for your current session. Using any cheat will unlock the secret "Cheat Like It's 1994" achievement on Steam.

  • God mode - "quicken"
  • Refill health - "ponce"
  • Kill all enemies (except Bosses) - "massacre"
  • All weapons, ammo, and portal key - "rambo"
  • Open map - "ravmap"
  • Get hurt for 1000 damage - "iddqd"
  • Lose all weapons - "idkfa"
  • Free level up "shazam"
  • Hide GUI - "ravpic"
  • Hide weapon - "mrjones"
  • Big pixels - "carmack"
  • Green-Red world - "nextgen"