Appearance and Behavior Edit

Cockatrice appear to be some sort of mutated chicken without feathers, wings and eyeballs(?). Also they seem to have scales.

They move only by attacking and have low-medium health.

Attacks Edit

Cockatrice jump at you from medium range, dealing contact damage while moving through you. They do not collide with you, meaning you can walk through them when they swarm you, unlike Carrots, which need to be killed in order to move through them.

They also only move with this jump attack, which recharges in about 1 second.

They do not aim at your position while jumping. Instead they jump so that they reach the highest point in their line of flight at the moment when they hit you if you are close enough.

Hints & Others Edit

One could think they jump like that because they attack your head with the claws on their feet while jumping over you, but programming such hit boxes is too complicated, so they just go through you on your screen.

Try not to get swarmed by them in small rooms, they are quite hard to dodge if a whole group of them flocks around you. Better run in away from the group so you have as many of them as possible on the screen at once.

They are absolutely no threat at long range.