Corvus the Vampire
"He'll recover health from the souls of his enemies, but his thirst for blood will never be truly satiated."
Gender Male
Unlock Kill 5,000 Enemies
Equipment Corvus' Wand
Perks Bloodlust x5
Health-icon 200 (+5)
Wand Mana-icon 50 (+2)
Spell Mana-iconStaff Mana-iconAlchemy Mana-icon 100 / 100 / 100 (+5)


Corvus starts out with a large amount of health, and regains health from knowledge gems. However, he slowly loses health over time (0.5HP/sec) and health potions are less effective for him (1/4 of the normal effect), forcing the player to move quickly between rooms, killing enemies to stay healthy.

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