Dark Cannon

"Creates a dangerous dark hole that damages enemies over time"

Primary fire launches a single, slow moving black hole that on impact, damages any enemies that touch it before disappearing after a while. High mana cost, low damage (but it hits very quickly, so it adds up fast) and poor performance against bosses.

Secondary fire launches three black holes in a spread that covers a wider area at the cost of slower fire rate and more mana cost.

Tips Edit

  • The black holes it creates are indeed dangerous. Standing near them results in a HP drain similar to standing in lava. As such, this is NOT a close range weapon.
  • The weapon is fairly powerful, but do not think that using the secondary fire on one enemy will damage them more just because there's more projectiles, as enemies can only be hit a certain amount of times every second, and one black hole already caps it. Instead, use it when there's lots of enemies.
  • Note that the weapon does not suck enemies in.
  • The key to this weapon is firing off a shot then dodging around while the black hole works its magic. Fire off more as needed.

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