Appearance and Behaviour Edit

Demons are a tall humanoid figure with substantial movement speed and a high DPS attack. They appear to have hands made from lobster pincers and legs from a bird. They have above-average HP.

The Demon alternates between attacking and walking toward you every three seconds. He will laugh at you while walking. He also appears to navigate around obstacles such as walls when he needs to.

Attacks Edit

The Demon has only one main attack. He will launch a barrage of what appear to be Bloodlust Needles five times in quick succession. When he attacks, he stands still, however the projectiles travel so quickly it becomes impossible to dodge. The needles are also highly damaging.

Hints Edit

  • Take cover when you see one! Force the Demon to fire at a wall or pillar, then when he finishes shooting, duck out from behind cover to deal as much damage as possible.
  • In the event that cover is not available, sprint perpendicular to the Demon or gain lots of distance. This way not all of the needles will hit you.
  • Use high DPS weapons to deal with them quickly. They are definitely one of the most dangerous enemies in the game.