Eagle Staff
This weapon fires small yellow bolts of energy that travel at a medium speed at the enemy.

Primary Fire: Fires one shot at a time for 1 mana. Fires at a moderate speed.

Secondary Fire: Fires three shots at a time for 3 mana. About 25% less rate of fire.

Tips: This will not charge at enemies once fired. Its homing ability will only work when you fire directly at an enemy. Make sure you do aim at enemies when using this, and the Eagle Staff will seek them out. The damage is medium-high, so the secondary fire can make quick work of most enemies. Do note that the tracking ability of this staff is rather weak, so while it can hit enemies at long ranges, it will not arc down to hit an enemy below you.

Tip2: Secondary fire is fast, accurate, and strong. And it has enough aim assist to target enemy easily.

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