Reduce health, damage, and movement speed. Greatly increase attack rate and mana regeneration.

  • -40% current, maximum, and per level bonus health.
  • -20% movement speed (similar to what Algorab the Alchemist starts with).
  • -25% damage.
  • +60% attack rate for all weapons.
  • +50% wand mana regeneration speed.
  • +4 mana/second regeneration for other pools.

Tips Edit

  • The increase in attack rate and mana regeneration is insane! Already fast wands and staves will fire like a high-powered machine gun.
  • Makes the wand a good weapon even late game. However, mana isn't really a problem for the other weapons any more. So it still likely won't get used except through "mana exhaustion auto-selection", or if none of the other weapons serve a particular range.

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