Appearance and Behavior Edit

Evil Funghi
The Evil Funghi appears as a group of three mutated mushrooms with a rather wood-like skin texture, each with 2 yellow eyeballs, big teeth and different colored hats (cyan, violet and red from left to right).

The cyan and red funghi don´t interact with the battle events, they are more decorative in nature and follow their "big brother" around.

It follows the player around like Carrots do, just much slower.

Attacks Edit

The Evil Funghi has 2 different attacks:

  • An AoEDoT (Area of Effect Damage over Time) Poison cloud attack: He stops for a second before taking a really small jump, stomping on the ground and creating a poison cloud around him, dealing damage over time to the player if he or she is close enough. The poison effect lasts about 2 seconds before wearing off after leaving the affected area.
  • A big, slow-moving, green projectile which seeks out the player and follows him until it hits either him or any obstacle in its path. It can be shot down with any weapon.

Hints Edit

The Evil Funghi has rather much HP compared to the other lesser minions, but is also one of the slowest.

Keep your distance to him to avoid Poison clouds, since he only creates them if you are close by.

Since his only long range attack is his "Spit-missile", long range tactics are recommended. Eye of Twilight for example has a high enough fire rate to shot down any groups of missiles while providing high accuracy to kill the funghi from a safe distance.

The standard Soul Wand might also be good enough for defense purposes, but with its lower fire rate (if it is not upgraded by any perks or modified by the character) might not be able to do much against larger groups of them.

The seeking effect of his missiles is rather weak, but they move slow enough to compensate for that. Staying close to a wall or pillar and stepping aside when it's close enough makes it hit the wall, so if you don't have the time or the firepower to shoot them down, this is the only way to avoid them.

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