Flame Mortar

"Creates a deadly wall of fire. Very short range."

Shoots three fireballs in a very wide spread. The fireballs will drop near the character, igniting the ground in front.

The secondary fire mode shoots three ice balls in the same spread. These projectiles have a high chance of freezing enemies when hit but do a lot less damage.


  • Keep in mind that the range is very short, the mana usage is large, and the flames may get in the way. Be extra careful when using this weapon as you can easily find yourself hemmed in by the flames you made!
  • If you are stuck with this weapon, the secondary fire mode is the safest option, but is still far too short in range for practical usage.
  • When used effectively, the primary fire can take out large groups of slow enemies with ease, and even damages bosses quite heavily provided they aren't moving around too much.
  • Since the gun fires projectiles in an arc, the range isn't as limited as it seems, but the further you shoot, the more inaccurate the left and right fireballs will be (the center fireball will still be reliable at longer ranges).
  • Like the Catapult of Doom, its arced projectiles allow you to shoot over top of cover to be able to hit enemies, without them being able to hit you.

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