Appearance and Behavior Edit

Green Pepper
The Green Pepper is basically like any other Carrot, just slightly bigger, with a little bit more HP and damage and the name-giving green color. Their appearance indicates them being a champion version of the ordinary Carrot, but they have champion versions of their own.

Attacks Edit

Just like the ordinary Carrot he charges at the player trying to bite him. The biggest difference here is that he explodes on death, shooting multiple acid projectiles (about 5-7 like the ones of the Basilisk) in random directions with medium range, leaving acid pools all around the room.

Hints Edit

The explosion itself doesn't seem to damage you, unless an acid projectile hits you directly.

Killing multiple Green Peppers in a small room leaves the whole room covered in acid, so be careful here!

Best is to avoid killing big groups and kill them off one by one, while watching your surroundings for more spawning.

They can not be spawned by Shamans, but they can be spawned by Brunilda, since they are tougher versions of Carrots.

The damage of the acid itself is NOT increased by the buff of the red champion version, only its melee damage and the damage of the projectiles upon impact with the player.