Hadar the Templar
"The templar gets energy from the souls of dead enemies. No need for mana gems."
Gender Male
Unlock Kill 25 Demons
Equipment Hadar's Wand
Perks Mana Steal x4


Health-icon 150 (+5)
Wand Mana-icon 50 (+2)
Spell Mana-iconStaff Mana-iconAlchemy Mana-icon 100 / 100 / 100 (+5)


Hadar regains mana from knowledge gems, but enemies he kills will not drop any mana gems. He regains all three kinds of mana from knowledge gems, making it a very effective way to recover mana when he has several weapons. Because of Brawler, the Templar faces more enemies, but also gets more drops per room.

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