Hollow Armor

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

The Hollow Armor is a large, animated suit of armor that slowly walks from side to side, attempting to hit the player with its ranged attack. If the player gets too close, it will switch to its melee ground attack. It has a large amount of health.

Attacks Edit

Ranged attack: This enemy will charge up a fireball in its hand for a second, then 'throw' it in the direction of the player. Like the Kobold, it will attempt to track where the player is going to be then launch its fireball. The fireball takes a while for it to travel through the air before landing on the ground so if you are observant enough they are easy to dodge.

Melee attack: If you stand too close to this enemy, it will crouch on one knee, make a strange battle cry sound, then pound its fist into the ground, making a massive shockwave that does huge damage and is nearly impossible to evade.

Hints Edit

  • Try to avoid standing next to one wherever possible.
  • You can trick the Armor into shooting away from you. Start walking in one direction just before it fires, then as soon as it shoots, immediately switch directions. The fireball will be thrown completely off and will miss you by a mile.
  • You can also trick them into shooting at a wall.