Appearance and Behaviour Edit

The Kobold is a small humanoid creature wearing a full-face helmet and wielding a crossbow. They have low HP.

Kobolds have a set pattern no matter what the circumstance. They will walk a very short distance in a random direction, turn to face you, laugh at you while charging up their attack, then shoot at you once with a bolt. The entire pattern lasts about 4-5 seconds, and repeats unconditionally.

Other factors such as line of sight, obstacles, player position, etc, do not affect the Kobold's behaviour. This allows for exploits such as forcing them to shoot at walls or staircases.

Attacks Edit

Kobolds have only one attack: a single shot aimed at where the player is going to be based on distance and your current speed and direction. If you continue in a straight line when a Kobold shoots, there is a very high chance it will hit you. Thankfully, Kobolds do little damage per shot. Each shot takes about 4-5 seconds to 'reload'.

Hints Edit

  • Hiding behind a wall and ducking out to shoot them while they reload is the best way not to get hit.
  • You can also stand near the top of a staircase and let the Kobolds shoot the edge of the stairs, allowing you to kill them at your own pace.
  • They can aim vertically.