Power of Heart

A strange weapon, the PoH launches a spread of rings similar to the Wraith Ring spell, except at a much faster rate and at a lower mana cost. However, the rings from the PoH bounce several times instead of homing in, and are always fired close to the ground (that is, when fired the shots travel forward for a short time before bouncing and bouncing). It is very powerful due to it's high fire rate, low mana usage and the amount of projectiles launched each shot, but it is strictly a close range weapon due to the inaccuracy and the fact that the projectiles are rather slow. Furthermore, flying enemies are hard to hit and on rooms with many angles, it may be hard to hit some enemies.

The primary fire is a fast firing spread of rings, that uses a small amount of mana.

The secondary fire launches more rings, for a slower fire rate and more mana cost, but also stuns enemies hit. It is usually better to use the primary fire.

Good weapon, but be wary that it is a close range one.

Tips Edit

  • Does decent damage, fires fast, and uses very little mana.
  • Shots bounce everywhere, but they are always low to the ground. Close range is required to get most floating creatures.

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