List of roomsEdit


Name Description
Start icon
Starting Room

This is the starting room of each floor. Contains a random weapon drop but no enemies.

Boss icon

Boss Room Contains the boss and also the portal to the next level. Needs portal key to activate.
Key icon Portal Key Room Contains the portal key needed to start the boss and finish the floor. No enemies, but may contain traps.
Treasure icon Treasure Room Always has a treasure box. Treasure box can contain enemies, perks, weapons or other items when approached.
Hazard icon Hazard Room Contains obstacles or traps but contains no enemies, usually connected to multiple rooms.
Challenge icon Challenge Room Features a long obstacle course with a treasure chest at the other end.
Lore icon Lore Scroll Room A library with a lore scroll and many stacks of books.
Shrine icon Shrine Room Eldergod shrines for donating health, mana and nothing for random positive or negative effects.
Secret icon Secret Room Hidden behind breakable walls, contains a perk and lore regarding previous game projects.

Room ModifiersEdit

Affects Weapons
Blue Crystal Spells: -50% mana usage, Others: +100% mana usage
Green Crystal Staves: -50% mana usage, Others: +100% mana usage
Red Crystal Alchemy: -50% mana usage, Others: +100% mana usage
Blue Moon Spells: +50% damage, Others: -50% damage
Green Moon Staves: +50% damage, Others: -50% damage
Red Moon Alchemy: +50% damage, Others: -50% damage
Adrenaline Rush Increased attack rate
Out of Breath Decreased attack rate
Fragility Quad damage for everyone
Wand Challenge You can only use your wand. Increased damage
Affects Enemies
Infirmary / Resting Room Weaker enemies
Runes of Protection Tougher enemies
Magic Affinity Maximum mana shield, stronger enemies
Hatchery Small enemies
David & Goliath Tiny & big enemies
Doppelganger Enemy spawns twice
Behemoth Giant enemies
Prison Cell Slower enemies
Time Distortion Faster enemies
Carrot Rain Carrots spawn after death
Necromancy Enemies are respawned once
Elite Guard Champion enemies
Flatulency Toxic enemies
Affects Player
Hiccups Random uncontrolled hopping
Juggernaut Move slower, do more damage
Sixth Sense No crosshair
Numb No mana or health bars
Hard Earned Double experience. Half damage dealt
Magic Pressure Lower walk speed
Affects Room
Lights Out Reduces the visibility of the player.
Wet Floor Lots of sliding due to low friction; does not affect jumping
Affects Drops
Practical Lesson Extra experience, no drops
Piñata More drops
Prohibition No health potions dropped
Tea Party Lots of health potions
Nostalgia Pixelated graphics
Next Gen Reality is red and blue. (lots of brown and bloom)