Slimes are bluish, medium sized creatures capable of ranged attacks. Reminiscent of the Oozes/Slimes from various fantasy settings such as Dungeons and Dragons and Final Fantasy, they leave a trail of blue secretions when moving around the rooms of the Ziggurat. They have two bright yellow eyes and a gaping sharp toothed mouth, out of which they fire blue glowing projectiles at the enemy.

Base Stats Edit

  • Health: Low
  • Damage:
    • Regular ranged attack: 4 (x4 burst)
    • Close range attack: n/a
  • Movement speed: Slow
  • Special features: Sidestep; On being hit by any projectile, it will move either left or right in a quick movement.

Tactics Edit

  • Although they take few shots to kill, their sidestep prevents accurate sustained firing from high rate of fire weapons at a distance
  • Short ranged high damage scatter weapons such as Hellish Ember, Frozen Soul or even the alternate attack on your default wand allows for high damage to be dealt before the Slime moves. Hellish Ember and Frozen Soul also tend to be able to kill slimes in a single shot. However, be aware of the burst fire from slimes at closer ranges, as the short range prevents a quick reactive dodge from shots.
  • The most effective weapon against slimes is most likely the Skull of Xanatos, due to its tracking nature and high damage output. Regular attacks with the Skull are able to instantly kill slimes at any range, compensating for the Skull's slow firing rate.

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