Reduced mana usage (-15% per level; -75% at level 5) while stationary.


  • The effect is applied as soon as the character stops (horizontal speed falls under a threshold).
  • There is no "ease in" (either you spend normal, or reduced mana) so you may want to ensure that the character has actually stopped before firing "mana-hungry" weapons.
  • Moving into a corner (thus quickly halting the movement due to collision with two walls) can be used to quickly activate the effect.
  • With certain skill, hitting a wall "right on" (perpendicularly) can also be used to quickly activate the effect.
  • The vertical speed is not taken into account, meaning that you can jump in place to dodge small projectiles.  
  • This perk can be very useful with slow, high damage weapons like Magma Blaster when using the secondary attack for the occasional burst of damage.  
  • Works well with the Bastion perk (which uses the same conditions for attack rate boost).