Wraith Rings

"These pellets look for the soul of their targets to devour it. Medium chance of stun on hit."

Shoots five red rings in a pentagon pattern. After a short while, these rings seek out the nearest target. It has trouble hitting enemies up close. Medium mana usage, fast fire rate, low damage (does good damage if all shots hit), fast projectiles. Good for long range combat.

The secondary fire mode shoots more rings, but also uses more mana and has a greater cooldown. It also has more spread, making it harder to hit enemies if they are close to you. High mana cost and slower fire rate than primary but more or less the same. Can be powerful if used as a shotgun when at VERY close range.

May have trouble against many enemies. Some of the rings may not go after your intended target and will instead seek out other ones. This is a problem with tough enemies, since you want to kill them as fast as you can.


  • Arguably, the best spell book in the game. The shots are fast and have high maneuverability, so you can just fire it in the general direction of the enemy and it will seek its target. The damage output is low (if some of the shots miss, which they will do at close range) , but fires fairly fast and stacks quickly.

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